Andrea Doria Kale
Andrea Doria Kale
Candidate, U.S. House Florida District 17
I was born on October 21, 1958 in New York to a working middle class family striving to live the American Dream. My mother Dorothy Trefilio, was a second generation Italian American, born in Brooklyn NY in 1931 an only child and worked as a Legal Secretary all of her adult life. My father Joseph Kale was a third generation Croatian American born on the family farm in rural Pennsylvania in 1926, his sister, my Aunt Catherine was born in 1928 and they had a sister Josephine born in 1927 that died at 15 months from pneumonia. My Dad a World War II Navy Veteran worked as a Foreman at a Welding Company most of his adult life. My brother Joseph Kale Jr. was six years old when I was born. My mother worked so the family could afford our home in Long Island and my paternal grandmother took care of my brother and me. I spent all of my summers growing up at my grandmother’s home in rural Pennsylvania with my brother and my three first cousins. I was the baby and the only girl. I was smart and curious, could spell the word Encyclopedia when I was in Kindergarten, and was reading on the 6th Grade Reading level by the middle of 1st grade. My curiosity often got me in trouble. When I was 2, I threw my Etch A Sketch out the kitchen window because I wanted to know what was inside of it. I was a straight A honor student, that barely had to study all the way through Junior High School. It was not until High School that I struggled when my family situation began to crumble. When my parents would get time off in the summer, they would pick my brother and me up and we would often go to vacation at my grandmother’s sister home in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the photo gallery, you see me at age six with the colorful Parrot at Busch Gardens in Tampa. In 1968, my mother decided she wanted to see the Florida Panhandle instead of visiting Aunt Albina in St. Pete so off we went only my brother stayed behind with grandma, Aunt Catherine and our three cousins. It was that summer that I got my first impressions of life in politics. We stayed in an efficiency apartment in Panama City, Florida. I will never forget this it was a rainy day, so instead of being on the beach were inside watching TV while my mom cooked spaghetti dinner. Back then, there were only three TV channels and Public Television so there was not much on except for the Republican National Convention, which was held in Miami Beach Florida that year. They nominated Richard Nixon, who won the presidency only to resign in scandal and disgrace in his second term. There were other notable people in politics at that convention and I remember my father and mother telling me all about them, Ronald Reagan, Nelson Rockefeller, and George Romney. I am pretty certain my mother was a Republican and my father being a union man was a Democrat although that was the first and only time I remember them talking politics. I have never voted for a Republican in a Presidential race and was not old enough to vote for Jimmy Carter the first time, so my first Presidential vote was for him the second time in 1980 when Reagan won. My father, my hero, lost his job in the summer of 1973, but not until after he took mom and me on a trip across country to California and on the way stopping in Texas to visit my brother who was in the Air Force Basic training. I was my dad’s co-pilot for every road trip, my mother didn’t drive, so the night before we were to leave my dad called me to the kitchen table with the Atlas in hand and said “Andrea, you know Victor Steel Company is on strike and if we go on vacation tomorrow I may not have a job when we get back, so what do you think should we still go?” To which I replied “If not now, when Daddy.” So we went and my father did lose his job, management closed its doors on the union workers and shut down permanently that year. My father had no regrets, he loved to drive, travel the country and educate me about how other people lived and I loved it. He always said Andrea you have to see America first before you travel anywhere else. The loss of his job took its toll on the family even though my mother was still working and my father took a job driving a Taxi. My father suffered a mild heart attack 10 months later, my parents separated and sold our home, my mother moved to Manhattan and I stayed with my grandmother and father while I finished school. My grandmother suffered a massive stroke a few days before my 17th birthday and my father suffered a massive heart attack 10 months later two months before my 18th birthday. My brother got an early honorable discharge from the service when my father died. He went to live with my mother the end of September and I was on my own even before I turned 18.
I worked for 37 years as a Researcher and IT Director at a large not-for-profit primarily funded by the National Institutes of Health studying the effects of Substance and Alcohol Abuse on all populations and its effects on health, mental and physical, related infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis both domestically and internationally. I organized a union in my work place in 1987 and served as the local President for 10 years of Division 500 and as an Executive Board member of the parent union Public Employees Federation until 1998 when I was promoted to management. I was the lead negotiator of three contracts for the Professional and Technical Clerical Unit that voted to bargain collectively in 1987 when the National Labor Relations Board certified us. I was able to achieve better wages, flexible work hours, shift and over-time pay as well as a seniority system and severance pay for layoffs, which was especially important because our organization’s primary funding was grants, typically lasting 3- 5 years. During spare time, I volunteered for many political campaigns, mostly Presidential and in 2016 worked as Hilary Clintons IT Director and Deputy Operations Director in Tampa Headquarters.
I am a mother, a stepmother, and a grandmother of six all of them range in age from 1 to 8 years. I have been a resident of Sarasota County since 2015, living in a modest home in North Port since I retired in 2016, with my 2 dogs, one of them a rescue and my 2 cats both rescues.
Okay that is all you need to know about me for now. It is much more important that you read about what I can do for you, your family, and our communities of the new CD17 Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee Counties as your next Representative in Congress than you continue read about my childhood, my family, early adulthood, work experience and education. Look at my photos a picture is worth a thousand words. No seriously, how your Representative responds to your concerns and priorities, what keeps you awake at night, what your needs are and those of your loved ones is my number one priority, unlike my opponent Greg Steube who never returns calls and none of his constituents can find him at any of his district offices. Click on the envelope to send me an email, I always respond promptly and directly, follow me and message me on Facebook and Twitter, take action with me get involved, volunteer to help and donate only what you can afford.
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