Conrad Kress
Candidate, U.S. House Hawaii District 1
"When I volunteered to go into Combat theaters, I was not thinking I am doing this for the Republican party or for the Democrat party. I was there for my country, my brothers and sisters in arms, my family and my friends."
~ Conrad Kress
I’m not Politician
I’m running for Congress as a 30-yr resident of Hawaii. I’m concerned with the direction of both our State and our Country. In my view, our elected leadership does not represent Hawaii’s interest in Washington D.C. I believe it is time for average citizens to step up, and that is what I am doing.
You will see throughout this website that I am not a polished politician. I am a father, Grandfather, Son, and a Brother that shares the same concerns we all have.
Please take a few minutes to review my life experience. I think you will find that my experience gives me a unique perspective, along with solutions, on the issues we are facing in our State and Country today.
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