Danielle Hawk
Danielle Hawk
Candidate, U.S. House Florida District 3
Danielle has been fighting for ordinary people her entire life. While growing up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Danielle learned the value of hard work and community service from her parents, who made ends meet while still caring for those around them. Her family’s community-oriented approach to life instilled in her the importance of serving others. As a teenager, Danielle prioritized volunteering her free time by tutoring children in a neighboring low-income school district and serving struggling members of her community at a local food bank. In one of her proudest moments, she organized a project to deliver Christmas gifts to our troops stationed overseas. From a young age, Danielle committed herself to a life of service.
After completing high school, Danielle’s passion for service led her to participate in a year-long program supporting impoverished and orphaned children in Central America. During this time, she worked on humanitarian projects, building toilets in rural villages and aiding local nonprofits in El Salvador and Guatemala. After returning to the United States, Danielle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Biola University. After graduating, Danielle started her career in higher education before settling in Gainesville, which she has called home ever since.
In her professional career, Danielle worked at several faith-based nonprofits organizing community service events that provide youth with tutoring opportunities, house those lacking shelter and distribute food to the hungry. She completed internships at local churches in Pennsylvania and West Palm Beach and the School of Ministry at her university. While serving as an administrator at a private university in South Florida, she developed international education programs to send college students abroad. Danielle later transitioned to working in digital start-up companies and is currently working as a project manager.
Throughout her life, Danielle has been fighting for what is right regardless of the obstacles. As an administrator in higher education, she advocated for scholarship funding to be distributed equitably so that low-income students could benefit from studying abroad. During the pandemic, Danielle organized with local Gainesville leaders to secure safe working conditions for University of Florida staff and faculty. Most recently, she co-organized the North Central Florida March for Reproductive Freedom and Justice to challenge the reversal of landmark human rights protections. Through her political engagement and persistent activism, Danielle has demonstrated herself to be a talented, dedicated, and passionate organizer for our community in these challenging times.
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