Darrius Butler
Darrius Butler
Candidate, U.S. House Georgia District 8
Friend - Brother - Teacher - Candidate
I am a Georgia native to my core, I spent all of my youth back and forth from the city to my hometown of Hawkinsville Georgia. No matter where I was the one thing that always was present was family. From family road trips to cookouts and fish fries my family has always been there for me. Throughout high school I tried everything until something fit me, I was apart of the student government, the debate team, the football team, the theatre club.
After high school I went on to college, Enrolling in Atlanta's own Carver Bible College studying Seminary & Psychology. Taking part in various joint enrollment opportunities I was able to study history and Political Science at Georgia State University & Morehouse College. While in school activism called my name. In 2012, due to the death of Trayvon Martin, I got active. Joining the NAACP and becoming and organizer. From volunteering with the same non-profits that took me as a child, Color You Destiny or Act N Up Youth Theater. After Completing the programs I went back to volunteer my time to teach and train young kids who I saw as just like me. In 2015 I began focusing solely on the ministry joining my grandfather at Sanders Memorial Baptist Church, and was honored to receive an honorary doctorate in theology from the Los Angeles Theological Institute. Throughout adulthood I spent time with various pastoral mentors and congregations, until I Joined the City of Praise, where I still am one of the associate ministers today.
As time came to choose a professional career I moved into the finance industry & teaching history to high school freshmen. I spent many days in my office talking to families seeking a loan just to make ends meet, accounts overdrawn because of fees to purchase food. I stayed in the banking industry for 7 years, while creating my own non-profit with my mother to help struggling families find adequate and affordable housing. In 2020 I joined the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Warner Robins Ga and took on the role of Chair that I still hold today.
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