Jill Tokuda
Jill Tokuda
Candidate, U.S. House Hawaii District 2
There is urgent work in Congress that needs immediate attention and I know my service to Hawai‘i can be most effective as a committed advocate in Congress. If elected, I will make it my priority to fight for every dollar for every family across our state. I understand the significant impact that federal dollars have on our economy and residents, and will work hard on behalf of all families, small businesses and children.
Over the past eight months I’ve traveled across the state meeting with people from Hilo to Hanalei, hearing about the challenges of recovery and inflation. There are deep concerns about communities and families, and the conversations are dominated by the frustration over providing a quality education for our keiki, the shortage of care options for our elderly, and the endless hunt for decent and affordable housing. Families are overwhelmed by rising prices for household and daily expenses, and we need to act now and help provide solutions and opportunities.
As a mom of two teenaged boys, living in a multi-generational home — I understand the urgency in people’s voices — because I have the exact same concerns in my family. I’m hearing it, while I’m living it.
I was in Washington D.C. when the news about the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade broke. That evening I stood in solidarity and disbelief with hundreds of others in front of the Supreme Court building and vowed to defend the reproductive rights of women across our county. I will not let this basic right be taken away. And I will not have our girls grow up with less freedoms than what we have now.
While we may live more than 5,000 miles from our nation’s capital, the decisions made in Washington DC directly impact each and every one of us living across our island state. I believe public servants should be held to a high-standard to do what’s best for their constituents and be accountable for the time they are working for the public. If given the opportunity, I plan to be in DC representing Hawai‘i for the long-term.
As a working parent, I’ve always done my best to achieve a work-life balance and still plan to have an active role parenting my boys and coming home as often as I can. This race isn’t going to be easy and we have lot of work ahead. But the time for action is now – Hawai‘i needs strong leadership at all levels a government.
I humbly ask you to stand with me as we fight to give all of Hawai‘i families a voice in Congress.
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