Joe Hannoush
Joe Hannoush
Candidate, U.S. House Florida District 6
Libertarian Party
Joe Hannoush, Libertarian for U.S. House of Representatives, Florida’s 6th Congressional District
Message from Joe:
“I chose today, January 28th, to file for US House of Representatives because it is the anniversary of my parent’s wedding. My parents have a lot to do with my views on a variety of issues. First, both of them are immigrants. They left their home country to find a life of freedom and escape a tyrannical dictatorship. That is why I am for an immigration process that allows good, hard-working people to come here to help build a better life for their children while also adding value to this country by being examples of the American Dream. That Dream comes at high risk and I’ve seen firsthand the ups & downs of folks trying to make a better life for themselves. We must reduce government red tape and other obstacles which complicate entrepreneurship. I favor a Fair Tax approach and elimination of the Income Tax which add enormous headaches and sway focus away from the primary responsibilities of running a small, mom & pop business for individuals trying to make a living for themselves. We must also end the endless wars which create refugees which then require asylum and foreign government aid.
Other issues I feel strongly about, and will be my focus in D.C. is insisting on a balanced budget. It is simply not right to subsidize our wants today at a cost to be added onto the backs of future generations of Americans. We also need to keep peaceful people outside of prisons and with their families. That is why I favor descheduling and decriminalization of Cannabis at the Federal level and expungement of records retroactively for victimless actions. As an elected official, I will also remember my Oath of Office ‘…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…’. That means repealing the Patriot Act which allows spying on American citizens, and repealing of all infringements on the 2nd Amendment.”
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