Joe O'Dea
Joe O'Dea
Candidate, U.S. Senate Colorado
Joe’s a political outsider, and a fiscal conservative.
O’Dea is the CEO of a Colorado construction company running for the United States Senate.
Adopted at birth and raised by a Denver police officer and a loving mother, Joe became a union carpenter at a young age.
Joe went to Colorado State University to study construction management, but dropped out to run a construction company he started in his basement.
That construction company has built billions in large-scale construction projects all around the state of Colorado. That construction company, now 30-years old, employs more than 300 Coloradans.
Joe O’Dea is running for the Senate to reduce inflation, cut wasteful spending and the debt, to get America refocused on energy independence, and to keep America safe and secure by supporting the police at home and by supporting a strong military and “peace through strength” abroad.
O’Dea has said his focus is inflation and the economic health of America, not social issues. O’Dea said he opposes efforts to ban abortion or same-sex marriage and will vote that way in the US Senate.
“You’ve got a lot of politicians in both political parties who spend way too much time trying to tell people how to live their lives,” O’Dea said. “That’s just not me. I live my life. You live yours.”
O’Dea’s position on abortion was controversial in the Republican Primary, but O’Dea took it head-on. O’Dea addressed the largest gathering of pro-life conservatives west of the Mississippi and said bluntly: we disagree on abortion, but I want to earn your vote so we can work together on inflation, the debt, and securing the border.
O’Dea says Washington, DC has too many politicians and it is time for the citizens to demand common sense from government.
“One of the problems with the Washington, DC is too many of these people have never worked a hard day in their life,” O’Dea said. “I’m running to be a voice for working Americans. I am one of you and I will fight for you.”
Mysterious Super PACS with direct ties to Democratic leaders like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer spent better than $10 million trying to defeat O’Dea in the Republican Primary in hopes of stealing the nomination for a more conservative candidate who had little chance of defeating Bennet. While the ploy worked in nearly a dozen other states, O’Dea bucked the trend and beat the Democrats multi-million smear campaign, winning the Republican Primary by nearly 10%. Analysts have said the failed attempt to take-out O’Dea in the GOP primary left him in an even stronger position to defeat Bennet this November.
On primary election night, O’Dea said he would represent Colorado and the country, not a political party.
“The Colorado Senate race is a referendum on Joe Biden’s policies and Michael Bennet’s rubber stamp,” he said. “I will work with reasonable people on both sides. No political party will control me.”
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