Kelly Tshibaka
Kelly Tshibaka
Candidate, U.S. Senate Alaska
I grew up in Alaska, but it wasn’t always easy for my family – my parents were homeless for a while – but they fought their way into the working class. My dad worked as a union electrician and my mom as one of the first workers at the startup of Alaska’s largest oil field. I was the first in my family to pursue a college degree, and then I went on to law school, where I met my husband, Niki, with whom I have five children.
I’m running for the U.S. Senate because it was the people of Alaska who stood up for me and gave me opportunities in life, and now I want to stand up for the people of Alaska. For too long, we’ve had a Senator who cares more about being popular with Washington, D.C. insiders than she does about us. She doesn’t feel it when she votes against Alaska’s best interests because she owes everything she has to her father who appointed her to his vacant senate seat when he was elected governor. But I owe everything I have to Alaskans.
We’ve watched in horror as our resource industries have been destroyed by President Biden and his radical cabinet members – over 90% of whom have been confirmed by our Senator. We’ve felt our freedoms stripped away and our land confiscated through federal whims. And we’ve seen jobs and opportunities leave our state because our Senator hasn’t been fighting for us in the U.S. Senate.
I’ve spent my career holding government insiders accountable and exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies, and then as the Commissioner of the Department of Administration for the State of Alaska.
I will make government work for the people, instead of working against us. I am a conservative. I am pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment, and pro America first, always. I am proud to be endorsed by President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party, as well as countless leaders and citizens in Alaska.
It will be my honor to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate, and I will never forget the Alaskans who sent me there. It’s time for a change.
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