Kermit Jones
Kermit Jones
Candidate, U.S. House California District 3
Growing up on his family’s farm, Kermit Jones learned the value of hard work at an early age. During the summers, when he and his brother finished baling hay or chopping wood, their parents gave them book reports on American History and the Civil Rights Movement. More than anything else, they believed education was the key to opening doors for their children that had been closed to them.
Kermit’s mom was a home health nurse who spent thirty years caring for their community and everyone around her. It was her example of selfless care that inspired Kermit to become a physician.
During his third year of medical school, the tragedy of 9/11 struck. Kermit wanted to do his part and serve his country, so he joined the U.S. Navy to become a flight surgeon.
He deployed to Iraq with a Marine squadron that took injured service members and Iraqi civilians to safety. After returning from Iraq, he served as a White House Fellow under President Obama, working with the Secretary of Health & Human Services to improve quality of care for our veterans. As a physician and policy advisor, he sees every day how broken our healthcare system is. But he experienced it firsthand as a son. When his mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, she was repeatedly denied the specialized care that she needed. The financial burden of her much-needed treatment eventually forced them to sell the family farm.
Kermit is running for Congress because too many people are struggling with the skyrocketing cost of care and prescription drugs. Meanwhile, career politicians put partisan politics ahead of the health of our families by ignoring experts and opposing policies to encourage masks and the vaccine.
For Kermit, it's never been about partisan politics. He’s treated close to 20,000 patients and he never asks if they are a Democrat or a Republican.
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