Lauren Mallett-Hays
Lauren Mallett-Hays
Candidate, U.S. House Arkansas District 3
As a speech-language pathologist, I spend my workdays helping people who have lost the ability to communicate regain their voice. I’ve sat by their sides as they worked through the frustration, anger, and at times, hopelessness. This last year and a half has given me a small glimpse into their reality as it has become abundantly clear that the voice of the American people is being ignored.
In Congress, I’ll not only be a voice for Northwest Arkansas, I’ll make sure Arkansans have a voice in Washington because I’ll listen to you. Together we can ensure our community continues to be a place we’re proud to call home—a growing, thriving community with good schools and good jobs that keep our families close.
My parents taught my brother and me the value of hard work and integrity. They showed us that doing the right thing mattered; that we should lend a helping hand to our neighbors; and that leadership is what makes teams and communities successful. My husband and I are trying to teach those same lessons to our children.
I believe these same values are the foundation of Northwest Arkansas. Unfortunately, I don't see those values in our elected leaders. So who is representing us? Our elected officials have become nothing more than career politicians— they don’t listen; they fight with each other; and they would rather point fingers and make points on TV than do their jobs. They have forgotten that they work for us.
It’s time we change that.
This campaign isn’t going to be about me; it’s going to be about you. I’m going to listen to everyone, even those who disagree with me, because I believe you have to understand people to truly represent them, and life’s challenges don’t care which party you vote for. I’m going to knock on as many doors as I can because I want to hear directly from you, and I want to learn more about what matters to you and your families, and to understand the challenges our community is facing and find ways to help.
I also want to engage young people and other voters that too often get overlooked by political campaigns. I want to encourage people who haven’t trusted the system to exercise their right to vote because they now believe their voice can be heard. I want to earn your vote, so when this election is over you know you have a representative who’s going to work for you.
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