Michelle Steel
Michelle Steel
Candidate, U.S. House California District 45
U.S. Representative Michelle Steel is a public servant, immigrant, tax-fighter, and one of the first Korean-American women ever to serve in Congress. Now, Rep. Steel is leading the fight to stop inflation, fix our economy, and ensure the government is working for the people it serves.
An immigrant, Michelle Steel came to America with her mother and two younger sisters from South Korea. Like so many immigrants, Michelle and her family came to America with the hope for a better future and greater opportunities.
After watching her single working mother struggle to fight an unwarranted tax bill from the California State Board of Equalization, Michelle realized that, however well-intended, the government was failing the people that needed it most.
Things needed to change, so Michelle dedicated the rest of her life to serving in public office.
In 2006, Michelle successfully ran for the California State Board of Equalization, the very agency that showed her exactly how broken the political system can be, and worked quickly to make much needed, common-sense reforms. At the Board of Equalization, Steel led an effort to return over $400 million back to California taxpayers and focused on fixing a broken tax system that was hurting families and small businesses.
Later, Steel was elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisor where she led efforts to oppose all tax increases, helped lead the county’s COVID-19 response, and provided meaningful support to under-served and vulnerable communities.
Now in Congress, Michelle is leading the charge to fix a broken political system by fighting partisan gridlock that is hurting middle-class families. Michelle is fighting to lower taxes, fix our economy, support our law enforcement to keep our families safe, and fix a broken healthcare system to ensure Americans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.
Today more than ever before, we need true leadership in Washington, D.C. That’s why Rep. Michelle Steel fights every day to be a strong voice for the voiceless. Michelle has been blessed to live her American Dream and that is why she is proud to serve her community in Congress. Michelle Steel is working to ensure future generations have hope for a better future and more opportunities to prosper.
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