Peter Hernandez
Peter Hernandez
Candidate, U.S. House California District 18
Peter Hernandez is a first generation Mexican-American. He was born and raised in San Benito County, California, by parents who worked the fields, and he grew up in the agricultural community. He bought his first bike after working as a laborer in the Apricots Orchards as a young boy. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic, a love for God, and a deep respect for the American dream and American exceptionalism.
As a small business owner today, Peter understands firsthand the dedication and creativity required for a small business to thrive. And as a Hispanic man, Peter is dedicated to encouraging Hispanic families in the civic and electoral process, and looks forward to serving as their voice and representative in US Congress.
Peter currently holds office as a County Supervisor for San Benito County. He is passionate about restoring representative government as originally intended – local people representing and enriching local communities – as opposed to government serving and enriching itself. During the pandemic shutdowns, Peter stood against the overreaches of the state, believing the local communities should decide for themselves how to best care for and protect their constituents. He worked to keep businesses open, knowing how vital they are to the health of the local economy.
Peter is an America First candidate who stands against the harmful progressive policies of the Biden administration and the current Democrat Congress. He will fight to:
RENEW: The Rule of Law; Equal Justice Under the Law
RESTORE: Our Constitutional Foundation and Federalist Republic; Parents Rights
REVIVE: The Middle Class; A Unified America
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