Rick Neighbors
Rick Neighbors
Candidate, U.S. House Alabama District 4
Rick Neighbors is one of our “real neighbors” and also a decorated veteran from the Vietnam War. He volunteered and ultimately served three tours. This experience is not something that should be taken lightly and it sure is an essential part of what defines a man’s character when he returns home. Understanding the life of a veteran is important when legislating laws.
Early Life
Son of a sharecropper in North Carolina. I was raised knowing the values of hard work, working long hours 7 days a week.
This experience was a decision-making period that would change the course of my life.
After my Junior year, at age seventeen I joined the U.S. Army.
U.S. Army Signal School at Fort Monmouth, N.J. 1966. Assigned to Germany to U.S. Army communications support for a Pershing missile battery until I volunteered for Vietnam. I was selected as the first instructor to develop tactical communications contingency teams to support our efforts in Vietnam.
I earned minors in religion, psychology, philosophy, biology, chemistry, and art. I eventually transferred to UNC-Charlotte majoring in Political Science.
Ministerial Student, Campbell College 1973-1976
B.A from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1979, major Political Science
MBA from the University of North Alabama at Florance, 2015
Graduate Certification in Project Management, 2016
Six Sigma Black Belt certification, 2019
My desire is to listen and I will always tell you the truth. To take your voice to Washington and serve in a seat that belongs to you. I want you to know there is an alternative and I would like the chance to represent you as your United Sates Congressman because District 4 deserves more! People are inherently good and want to provide for their families and do good things. We just need to ensure they have the resources to succeed.
After leaving the military my first job was delivering paint for a local hardware store. While evolved with my church, I secured a scholarship from the Southern Baptist and attended Campbell College as a ministerial student.
I took a temporary job that lasted over thirty years. I worked over thirty years in the apparel industry, making the clothes we wear every day.
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