Stan Caplan
Stan Caplan
Candidate, U.S. House California District 51
I have the passion and experience to be your 51st Congressional District Representative. I’m concerned our country is going in the wrong direction and most people in our district feel the same way. They think Congress needs more civil discussion and less division to achieve meaningful results. We all want common sense solutions from Congress instead of political nonsense.
Our neighbors of every background are fed up with economic policies that create higher prices in food, gas and utility bills. Parents want a voice in education. Everyone is concerned about crime. Our immigration policy is a total mess. People are worried and upset about our foreign entanglements. And we’re tired of inconsistent Covid restrictions.
With 36 years of experience as a small business owner, I will develop economic policies that reduce inflation, lower taxes, grow the economy, and allow small businesses to compete fairly with large corporations.
As a single parent I learned the importance of my children’s education. I will fight to end intimidation of parents, promote school choice and uphold a balanced curriculum that represents America’s values.
As a San Diego resident since 1986, I see the decline in our public safety. Once elected, I will work with local officials to enforce federal laws that punish criminal behavior. I will help them address rampant homelessness. I will work for commonsense immigration policies that benefit our citizens.
In all matters, I will always fight to protect your Constitutional rights and put you first.
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