Steve Monaha
Steve Monaha
Candidate, U.S. House Colorado District 6
A Lifetime of Experience
Steve Monohan believes the pioneer spirit of the American West is embodied in the state of Colorado, and its politics should represent the promise, prosperity, and possibilities of that ideal.
Although originally born in Guam to a military family and raised in Texas, Steve first began to put roots down in Colorado in the early 2000's. After finishing high school early, he attended the Denver campus of the University of Colorado.
Alongside 75,000 other Coloradoans, he shared the exhilaration of the first ever Broncos win at the inaugural game at the now Empower Field at Mile High, only to see the world transformed by terrorism the very next day on 9-11.
Roughly two months after that fateful day, the U.S. Navy welcomed Steve into their ranks. Because he excelled in music as a student, he became a member of the Navy's Sixth Fleet Band, joining a team that were goodwill ambassadors not only for that branch of the service but for the country as well.
In that tenure, Steve had a firsthand look at the crucial role of America's global leadership as he traveled to 40 different countries while meeting fellow service men and women all over the world. Based in Italy, Steve also met his future bride, Michelle, with whom he now has three young children in the Cherry Creek School District.
Upon leaving the service, he then successfully pursued and earned a finance degree from the University of Tennessee. But that career was put on hold by the global recession in 2008.
As the recession deepened, Steve returned to uniform by making a 10-year commitment to the Navy, this time earning his wings and becoming a Naval Aviator.
Just as he felt called to service twice before, Steve feels called to work for the people of Colorado and the constituents in the 6th Congressional District.
Steve is running to join the United States House of Representatives because of concerns about rising crime, inflation, parental role in their children’s education, immigration, and wariness of an encroaching bureaucratic state that can eventually eclipse liberties.
"It's great to be part of this 'new destination' in America," Steve said.
Yet he also knows, the great rewards of the American West — the promise, prosperity, and possibilities — aren't a given. Steve believes they are won with the tried and true foundations: hard work, dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice.
Leadership in Colorado will make Colorado a leader in the nation. Steve would be honored to have you join him in this effort.
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