Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan
Candidate, U.S. Senate Ohio | U.S. House Ohio District 13
Tim Ryan is running for the U.S. Senate to cut Ohio workers in on the deal.
A lifelong Ohioan who lives just a few miles from the house where he grew up in Niles, Tim has spent his career fighting for Ohio workers. He’s seen in his own community what happens when our politics and our economy aren’t working for working people. And he understands that there’s nothing more patriotic than investing in our team, bringing good-paying jobs to Ohio, and making sure our workers can compete with countries around the world — and win.
In Congress, Tim has fought for working families in his district and across the country — opposing unfair trade deals that would ship jobs overseas, pushing to raise wages, and working to protect the promise of a secure retirement by strengthening Medicare and Social Security.He has taken on the challenges facing Ohio communities, working across the aisle to combat the opioid crisis, and investing in clean water infrastructure for Lake Erie. He’s also worked hand-in-hand with businesses to revitalize American manufacturing and bring good-paying jobs and opportunities home to Ohio.
In the Senate, Tim will fight to raise wages, make healthcare more affordable, invest in education, rebuild our public infrastructure, and revitalize manufacturing so we can make things in Ohio again — and he’ll make sure we’re cutting workers in on the deal every step of the way.
Tim currently lives in Howland with his wife Andrea, their three children, and two dogs.
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