Vern Buchanan
Vern Buchanan
Candidate, U.S. House Florida District 16
U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan is a self-made businessman, who knows what it takes to create jobs and jump-start the economy. He understands that America’s greatness comes from its entrepreneurial spirit and pro-growth, free-market policies.
Buchanan is a senior member of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax policy, international trade, health care, welfare, and Social Security. Buchanan is chairman of the Tax Policy Subcommittee, a key panel that oversees the nation’s tax code. He also serves on the subcommittees that oversee Social Security and Medicare.
A tireless champion for small business, Buchanan is an outspoken advocate of reforming the U.S. tax code to make it simpler, fairer and less burdensome to fuel the economy and get Americans back to work.
Realizing the urgency of putting an end to Washington’s out-of-control spending spree, the first bill Buchanan introduced in Congress in 2007 was a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. The measure simply requires the federal government to live within its means just like every family in America.
Like most Americans, Buchanan is tired of the dysfunction in Washington. As chairman of the bipartisan Florida congressional delegation, Buchanan is working to get things done for the people.
Buchanan grew up with five siblings in a blue collar household in a small town near Detroit, Michigan. He served six years in the Air National Guard and worked his way through college.
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